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Animals In The Setting
Children learn about the natural world, its animals and other living creatures, as part of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  This may include contact with animals, or other living creatures, either in the setting or on visits.  We aim to ensure that this is in accordance with sensible hygiene and safety controls. Procedures We take account of the views of parents and children when selecting an animal or creature to keep as a pet in the setting. We carry out a risk assessment with a knowledgeable person accounting for any hygiene or safety risks posed by the animal or creature. We provide suitable housing for the animal or creature and ensure this is cleaned out regularly and is kept safe. We ensure the correct food is offered at the right times. Children are taught correct handling and care of the animal or creature and are supervised. Children wash their hands after handling the animal or creature and do not have contact with the animal soil or soiled bedding. Staff wear disposable gloves when cleaning housing or soiled bedding. If animals or creatures are brought into the session by visitors, they are responsible for the animals. The owner needs to carry out a risk assessment, detailing how the animal or creature is to be handled and how any safety or hygiene issues will be dealt with.    References to other relevant policies: Safeguarding Children & Child Protection, Confidentiality & Client Access to records, Information Sharing, Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality , Achieving Positive Behaviour, The Role of the Key Person, Children’s Records Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Information This policy will be monitored and evaluated as per our rolling programme at staff meetings. It will be reviewed annually by the Chairperson in conjunction with the staff team and Committee unless new legislation or an incident occurs which requires an immediate review of the policy    This policy was adopted on: July 2017