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Managing Children With Allergies, or who are Sick or Infectous
We aim to provide care for healthy children and promote health through identifying allergies and preventing contact with the allergenic substance and through prevention of cross infection of viruses and bacterial infections: When parents start their children at the setting they are asked if their child suffers from any known allergies. This is recorded on their registration form. If the child has an allergy details of cause and effect are recorded on their form and on information sheet in staff room. This form is kept in the child’s personal file. No nuts or nut products are used within the setting, parents are made aware that products may accidentally be brought in via packed lunches, however we clearly state to parents of children who stay for lunch not to include nut products. At all times the administration of medication must be compliant with the Welfare Requirements of the Early Years Stage, and we follow procedures based on advice given in Managing Medicines at Schools and Early Years. Oral medication Oral medications must be prescribed by a GP All risk assessment procedures need to be adhered to for the correct storage and administration of the medication. We need parents or guardians written consent. We require a letter from the child’s GP or consultant if they require life-saving medication, such as, epipens. Pre-school staff will also need to undergo relevant training to administer medications. Children who are sick If children appear unwell during the day- with a temperature, sickness, diarrhoea or pains, particularly in the head or stomach – our Manager will contact the parents and ask them to collect the child. If a child has a temperature, they would be kept cool, by removing top clothing if necessary, sponging their heads with cold water and offered cold drinks. In extreme circumstances the child will be taken to the nearest hospital and the parents informed. Parents are asked to take their child to the doctor before returning them to our pre-school if their child has been unwell; the Manager has the right to refuse admittance to children who have a temperature, sickness or diarrhoea, or a contagious infection or disease. Where a child has been prescribed antibiotics, parents are asked to keep them at home for 24 hours before returning to Caterpillars.   Children who have had diarrhoea and/or vomiting should be clear for 48 hours before returning to pre-school The Supervisor has a list of all excludable diseases and current exclusion times, we may also refer to for guidance. We will inform relevant agencies, if a child or adult has suffered from a notifiable disease. HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis – are spread through body fluids, we use single use vinyl gloves and aprons for every child. Nits and head lice are not an excludable condition, although in exceptional cases a parent may be asked to keep their child at home until the infestation has cleared. On identifying cases of head lice, all parents are informed of the outbreak and asked to treat their child and their family if they are found to have head lice. References to other relevant policies: Safeguarding Children & Child Protection, Confidentiality & Client Access to records, Information Sharing, Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality , Achieving Positive Behaviour, The Role of the Key Person, Children’s Records Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Information This policy will be monitored and evaluated as per our rolling programme at staff meetings. It will be reviewed annually by the Chairperson in conjunction with the staff team and Committee unless new legislation or an incident occurs which requires an immediate review of the policy    This policy was adopted on: July 2017