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Fire Safety & Emergency Evacuation
At Caterpillar’s we ensure our premises present no risk of fire by ensuring the highest possible standard of fire precautions.  Our Manager and staff are familiar with the current legal requirements.  Our fire officer is - Lianne Appleby. Procedures The basis of the fire safety is risk assessment. These are carried out by a ‘competent person’. The manager has received training in fire safety sufficient to be competent to carry out risk assessments; this will be written where there is more than five staff. Included in the Annual Risk Assessment. Fire doors are clearly marked, never obstructed and easily opened from the inside. Smoke detectors/alarms and fire fighting appliances conform to BSEN standards, are fitted in appropriate high risk areas of the building and are checked as specified by the manufacturer. Our emergency evacuation procedures are; o clearly displayed in the premises; o explained to new members of staff, volunteers and parents; and o practiced regularly with the school. Records are kept of fire drills. Fire safety equipment is serviced through Calmore school. Emergency Evacuation Procedure – please refer to Caterpillars own procedures which are displayed within the setting. The fire drill record book must contain: Date and time of the drill. How long it took. Whether there were any problems that delayed evacuation. Any further action to improve the drill procedure if needed. References to other relevant policies: Safeguarding Children & Child Protection, Confidentiality & Client Access to records, Information Sharing, Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality , Achieving Positive Behaviour, The Role of the Key Person, Children’s Records Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Information This policy will be monitored and evaluated as per our rolling programme at staff meetings. It will be reviewed annually by the Chairperson in conjunction with the staff team and Committee unless new legislation or an incident occurs which requires an immediate review of the policy    This policy was adopted on: July 2017