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Children’s safety is maintained as the highest priority at all times both on and off premises. Every attempt is made through carrying out the exit/entrance procedure to ensure the security of children is maintained at all times.  In the unlikely event of a child going missing, our missing child procedure is followed. Child going missing on the premises As soon as it is noticed that a child is missing the key person/staff alerts the setting leader. The Manager will carry out a thorough search of the building and garden. The register is checked to make sure no other child has also gone astray, or the child has been collected early. Doors and gates are checked to see if there has been a breach of security whereby a child could wander out. If the child is not found, the parent is contacted and the missing child is reported to the police. The Manager talks to the staff to find out when and where the child was last seen and records this. The Manager contacts the chairperson and reports the incident. The chairperson, with the management committee, carries out an investigation and may come to the setting immediately. The Investigation The Manager together with the Chairperson or representative from the management committee speaks with the parent. The Chairperson carries out a full investigation, taking written statements from all staff in the room. The key person/staff member writes an incident report detailing: The date and time of the report What children/staff were in the group and the name of the key worker responsible for the missing child When the child was last seen in the group What has taken place in the setting since the child went missing The estimated time the child went missing If the incident warrants a police investigation, all staff co-operate fully. In the event that disciplinary action is needed, Ofsted is informed. The insurance provider is informed Managing people Missing child incidents are very worrying for all concerned.  Part of managing the incident is to try to keep everyone as calm as possible. The staff will feel worried about the child, especially the key person.  They may blame themselves and their feelings of anxiety and distress will rise as the length of time the child is missing increases. Staff may be the understandable target of parental anger and they may be afraid.  The Manager will ensure that staff under investigation are not only fairly treated but receive support while feeling vulnerable. The parents will feel angry, and fraught.  They may want to blame staff and may single out one staff member over others; they may direct their anger at the Manager.  When dealing with a distraught and angry parent, there should always be two members of staff, one of whom is the Manager and the other should be the chairperson of the management committee or representative. No matter how understandable the parent’s anger may be, aggression or threats against staff are not tolerated, and the police should be called. The other children are also sensitive to what is going on around them.  They too may be worried.  The remaining staff caring for them need to be focused on their needs and must not discuss the incident in front of them.  They should answer children’s questions honestly but also reassure them. In accordance with the severity of the final outcome, staff may need counselling and support. If a child is not found, or is injured, or worse, this will be a very difficult time. The chairperson will use their discretion to decide what action to take. Staff must not discuss any missing child incident with the press without taking advice. References to other relevant policies: Safeguarding Children & Child Protection, Confidentiality & Client Access to records, Information Sharing, Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality , Achieving Positive Behaviour, The Role of the Key Person, Children’s Records Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Information This policy will be monitored and evaluated as per our rolling programme at staff meetings. It will be reviewed annually by the Chairperson in conjunction with the staff team and Committee unless new legislation or an incident occurs which requires an immediate review of the policy    This policy was adopted on: July 2017