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Staff Code of Conduct
At Caterpillars we are committed to promoting family friendly employment practises to help staff balance work and family commitments.  In return we expect honesty, loyalty and diligence from our staff. We work with staff to ensure that all employment legislation and regulations are adhered to, and expect staff to work in line with the Policies and Procedures of the setting.  Code of Conduct All members of staff are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a professional, courteous, helpful, warm and consistent manner. Members of staff are expected to display knowledge and understanding of safeguarding, multi-cultural issues and a commitment to treating all children as individuals and with equal concern and respect. Members of staff will have regard for wearing appropriate clothes and shoes when working with children and with awareness of health and safety issues. Members of staff are expected to arrive ready to start working at their contracted start time. Staff must ensure that conversations in front of the children are centred around the children, and are of an appropriate nature. Mobile phones are allowed on the settings premises but must not be used in the playrooms. Under no circumstances should any arguments or disagreements between members of staff occur in the presence of children or parents/carers. Staff must show respect to all other staff, accepting that everyone is different and has a right to their own opinion. No smoking, e-cigarettes, alcohol or drug use is allowed on the setting premises. No bullying, swearing, harassment or victimisation will be tolerated on the setting premises. Practitioners should not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which may affect their ability to care for children. Under no circumstances should staff provide any information about children to any branch of the media. All media enquiries should be passed in the first instance to the Manager. Members of staff must consider what is posted on social media, and have due regard to their ‘professional’ status. Safeguarding All staff are expected to disclose any convictions, cautions, court orders, reprimands and warnings which may affect their suitability to work with children (whether received before or during their employment at the setting). All staff are required to inform the manager if themselves or anyone living or working in their household has a disqualification (in accordance with regulations made under section 75 of the Childcare Act 2006). If this occurs they may not continue as an Early Years Practitioner without a waiver obtained through OFSTED. Medication If staff are taking regular medication they must ensure that the medication is unlikely to impair their ability to look after children properly.  Staff medication on the premises must be securely stored and out of reach of children at all times. If staff are found to be working under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will be subject to a disciplinary meeting. Confidentiality Staff have a right to privacy, as do children and their parents/carers.  Personal details should not be discussed except in exceptional circumstances. The Manager, staff and volunteers and any other individual associated with the running or management of the setting will respect confidentiality by: Not discussing individual incidents, behaviour or information of children in front of parents/carers and other children. Not discussing confidential matters about children, parents/carers with other parents/carers. Not discussing confidential information about other staff members. Only passing sensitive information, in written or oral form, to relevant people. Not disclosing any information from pre-school to any others including friends and family. Staff failing to show due regard for confidentiality will be liable to disciplinary action under the provisions of the Staff Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure policy. Child protection/Safeguarding In circumstances where staff have good reason to believe that a child is at risk, or is likely to be at risk, of child abuse or neglect, the Safeguarding Policy will override confidentiality on a 'need to know' basis. References to other relevant policies: Safeguarding Children & Child Protection, Confidentiality & Client Access to records, Information Sharing, Valuing Diversity & Promoting Equality , Achieving Positive Behaviour, The Role of the Key Person, Children’s Records Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Information This policy will be monitored and evaluated as per our rolling programme at staff meetings. It will be reviewed annually by the Chairperson in conjunction with the staff team and Committee unless new legislation or an incident occurs which requires an immediate review of the policy    This policy was adopted on: July 2017